First Beach Trip for 2015 – Buri Resort and Spa

puerto galera beach

Here goes my very first entry in my very own blog. I know I’m starting this so late in the game but I just thought “what the heck!” I’m really no writer, but I do love a lot of things and It excites me to share so much about it here. Hopefully, some of the things I share can be of help to someone who stumbles upon these things I write.

Anyway, my very first entry is about a beautiful resort I’ve been to this January. O my gosh! Ang ganda! It’s called Buri Resort and Spa in Puerto Galera.

The last time I was in Puerto Galera was when I was in college I think and that was like 8 years ago! A bunch of friends and I went to White Beach, it was fun but we found it too crowded. Since then, it never occurred to me to go back, until I stumbled upon this lovely deal from Deal Grocer. Oh boy, I fell in love with the place! I got the room for Php6,500… It included the following:

  • Boat transfers from muelle port to the resort
  • P1,000 worth of food and beverage
  • free breakfast for two (2)
  • overnight stay for two (2) at the pool villa
  • 20% off massage services

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Getting There: We brought a car and drove around 1.5hours from Manila to Batangas Pier (we used the Waze app for directions). When you get to the pier, you can leave your car there and pay P100 per night. (The parking attendant also offered to wash our car for another P100). Buy tickets to Muelle port, one way ticket costs around P240 per person + P40 terminal fee. There are two boat companies that go to Muelle port, Minolo and Father and Son, the resort recommended we go with Minolo. We arrived at Batangas Pier around 12:15pm, we waited for the next boat which left at around 1pm. I texted the resort to advise them to put our boat transfer from Muelle port to the resort on standby. The boat ride from Batangas Pier to Muelle Port was around 1.5hours (depending on the waves, it can take as long as 2 hours). Upon arriving the Muelle Port, we transferred to a smaller boat to get us to the resort.     

We arrived at the resort at around 2:45PM, we were immediately greeted by the warm staff and were given welcome drinks and a short briefing from one of the staff assigned to us. They explained to us the facilities and the tours they offered. The staff were all very pleasant and well trained. I really commend the staff in this resort, absolutely great service!

Now to our room… all I can say is WOW! the room was so clean and spacious, it had a second floor (not in the pictures) which had 2 twin beds. the lower floor had one Queen bed facing the view. OH WOW! They also added some cute touches to the bed as they laid fresh flowers on top. How romantic! image     image

There was also a patio which was a very neat place to chill, read, and just enjoy nature. image           image

 A small private pool was also just outside the room for a very romantic moment with your special someone, or if you have kids, it can be a small pool where they can play and just enjoy themselves.image

The bathroom was very clean and spacious and it really looked new. There was a closet on the side to hang your clothes and it also came with a safety deposit box.image After checking in, we had a very late lunch at around 3PM. I was so hungry I forgot to take good shots of the food. They have a very good selection of food, mostly Filipino cuisine. For me, their food was delicously satisfying, however a little bit pricey. The food costs around P300-P500 per person I think. Good thing we had P1,000 food and beverage voucher from the Deal Grocer coupon.image

After eating, we went back to our room to rest a bit. You will get a good exercise climbing numerous steps to your room, which I think was a great way to burn what we just ate. hehe!image

Now time to dip in the pool. It was breathtaking. What a beautiful spot to just relax and enjoy the fresh breeze from the lust forest.  I can lounge in this area for days and days to come if only I could. 

image    image   

 image    image 

After enjoying the pool, we went to the beach. It was a small cove with close to white sand. It was not fine sand but it was more than what I expected. The water was clear, although there were some seaweeds. I’m not a big fan of seaweeds, so we decided to rent a kayak (free of charge). It was so fun, we got to explore the nearby islands. So beautiful!image

Kayaking was pretty tiring so we decided to rest on this small raft that used to be a dock I think.image

The next day we decided to go snorkeling.  All I can say is that two thumbs up for Puerto Galera! This place had abundant corals and fish, what a colorful reef they had! It was amazing. Unfortunately, I do not have photos with me. I did take some videos though with my gopro, will try to upload it here when I have more time.

Overall, the trip was sooo worth it. We loved the place so much we wanted to book another night but the resort was already fully booked. I 120%  recommend this place to anyone, it is a bit pricey, but I say you get your money’s worth. The place is beautiful, staff is friendly, food is delicious, pool is amazing, beach is so relaxing, and best of all it’s just a 3hr trip from Manila.  Oh I also forgot to mention, we also tried their traditional hilot for around P800, it was so good my body felt like gelo right after. All in all, a very unforgettable stay at Buri Resort and Spa, I will definitely be back. My new place for a quick retreat! 🙂