Valentine Weekend in Baguio

Chalet Baguio

Valentine’s day can be such a chore sometimes with all the dinner reservations, the traffic and the massive amount of bouquet of roses in your Facebook Feed. Haha! But despite all those, it is a pretty awesome day, because it’s a day you remind yourself how lucky you are to have someone who loves you whether it be your special someone, your friend, or your family.

Okay, enough of the cheezy stuff for now…:)

For today’s entry, I want to share our Valentine’s Day celebration.:) My boyfriend and I decided to spend it in Baguio; a place where we always go back to enjoy food, the weather and to occassionally snuggle up with one another.<teehee> Baguio really has that romantic charm and it is a place you get to enjoy the simpler things in life.

My boyfriend booked an overnight stay for us in Chalet Baguio, the location of the hotel was great! it was near almost everything. It was clean and comfortable, a real value for money. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Baguio that will not break your wallet, I would recommend this place. We left manila at 7am and arrived Baguio around 12nn, just in time for lunch! Here’s full list of what we did for our 2-day stay in Baguio:

1. Happy Tummy (Brgy. Lualhati, Romulo Drive, Baguio, 2600 Benguet)

We had lunch at Happy Tummy, it is one of the restaurants in the Ketchup Food Community. Last time we were in this area we tried Canto, which is I think the most popular out of all the restaurants in this area. Canto had a very long line of customers waiting to be seated, so we decided to try Happy Tummy instead. Happy Tummy offers Thai cuisine, We ordered fried tilapia, bagoong rice (my go to order in any Thai resto), and thai milk tea. It was good. The spices used in the fried tilapia was very flavorful and the greens were really fresh. The bagoong rice also tasted good you can really taste the bagoong unlike some bagoong rice I’ve tasted, but I was disappointed that there was no scrambled eggs on top like other thai restos. Their thai milk tea was too sweet for me though.

The food is relatively affordable, and serving was good for 2, specially the bagoong rice. Our total bill was only P480 which is not bad if you compare it to other Thai restos in Manila. Click here for their menu. Overall good experience in this resto with very friendly and attentive staff. I would consider eating here again.

Happy Tummy  image  image image Happy Tummy Happy Tummy

2. Wright Park (Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio, Benguet)

After having lunch at Happy Tummy, we decided to take a stroll at the Wright Park just accross the street. Seeing those horses brought back so many fun childhood memories. The smell is really bad though, which can turn some people off, but you’ll get used to it overtime I think. Hehe!

Wright Park

We also came accross a taho vendor. My favorite pinoy snack… I excitedly ordered some Strawberry Taho. There were 2 sizes regular @P20 and large @P30. So yummy with real strawberry bits!

image image

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve been in this area, and it was relaxing to visit this place. What a cute date place, I thought to myself. You can also take pictures wearing igorot costumes for P20. Hehe!

Wright Park image

3. Secret Garden (Pedro Paterno, Baguio, Benguet)

For dinner, we went to this place called Secret Garden. We originally wanted to have dinner at The Manor, but we weren’t able to book early and the place was already fully booked. We decided to go to this rustic restaurant instead. Secret Garden is known for its house specialty thin-crust, brick-oven style pizza; perfect Italian pasta, and scrumptious Filipino rice dishes.

Secret Garden image Secret Garden

We ordered Quatro Formaggi pizza 8 inches (P385), Tomato Chowder (P220), Beef Tapa (P195) and Plum Tea good for 2 pax (120). My favorite was the pizza, so yummy! I love cheese and this pizza was overloaded with cheese! Yum! I highly recommend it if you eat in this place! Tomato chowder was okay. Beef Tapa was good, but it was on the sweet side. I prefer my tapa salty and with a sunny side up egg.  The plum tea was sweet and a bit sour, a different twist to your normal tea. This is a nice place to hangout if you’re into that rustic atmosphere.

Quatro Formaggi Pizza
Secret Garden
Tomato Chowder
Secret Garden
Beef Tapa

4. Patch Cafe (#9  Cabinet Hill, Purok 3 Leonard Wood Road, Baguio, 2600 Benguet)

We went  to Patch Cafe for dessert and coffee. I like the interior of this place. It’s so modern and hip. This cafe is located at the ground floor of Bloomfield Hotel.

Patch Cafe image image Patch Cafe  Patch Cafe

We ordered cappuccino and new york cheesecake. Their cheesecake is very thick and tasty, just the way I like it. Too bad they didn’t have the strawberry cheesecake at that time. I really wanted to try that dessert which I read from one of the blogs about this place.

Patch Cafe

5. Chalet Baguio

Buffet breakfast was served in our hotel. The selection was mostly Filipino breakfast. I enjoyed their tocino and their strawberry jam the most. I also like their hot chocolate, it tasted a bit like champorado and i felt a bit nostalgic while sipping my cup.
image Chalet Baguio

6. Cafe by the Ruins Dua

Off to one of my favorite restaurants in Baguio for lunch on day 2, and I think one of the most popular as well, Cafe by the Ruins. This time, we tried their new branch. The interior was more modern with an artistic flair. Paintings were mounted on the walls and they used tribal statues as accents.

image Cafe by the ruins image  Cafe by the ruins

We ordered the usual rizal tsokolate-e, chocolate de agua, and ernie’s kamote bread with kesong puti and we tried some new dishes, bagnet sinigang and lamb stew. I love the food here, their menu changes every 3-4 months I think. I’m not sure if their main courses are the same as the original Cafe by the Ruins, but it definitely has the usual favorites. In terms of the overall ambiance, I still prefer the original branch as it has a unique charm to it. However, if you like Cafe by the Ruins’ food and not really into that rustic vibe and you hate long lines, then you can go to this one, it is more spacious and I think you can get a table faster vs. the original branch.

Rizal Tsokolate-e
Rizal Tsokolate-e
Cafe by the ruins
Chocolate de Agua
Ernie's Kamote Bread with Kesong Puti
Ernie’s Kamote Bread with Kesong Puti
Cafe by the ruins
Bagnet Sinigang


7. Tam-Awan Village (Long Long Benguet Rd, Baguio, Benguet)

After having lunch, we went to this place called Tam-Awan Village. This place had reconstructed Ifugao huts and housed some fine art. If you decided to visit this place I recommend you wear rubber shoes because it can be quite slippery going up and down the hill. Entrance fee for adults is P50 and P20 for children.

Tam-awan image  Tam-awan image Tam-awan

To cap off our “trekking” in Tan-awan Village and our Baguio Trip, we chilled in this quaint cafe inside the park and indulged in a cup of civet coffee for P200. It was my first time to try this coffee. Hmmmm… coffee goodness! A nice cup of coffee before heading back to Manila.


This is me enjoying my cup of coffee. 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this post! Until the next! 🙂 Cheers!