La Union and Tangadan Falls : not only for surfing

La Union is one of the places my friends and I keep going back to. For one it’s only 4-5hrs away from Manila, two, it has really cheap accommodations, three, there’s great coffee shops and restaurants in the area, and four, the general laid back vibe is so inviting.

I specifically wanted to share some non-surfing activities in La Union for non-surfers in this entry. My friends and I normally go here to learn to surf, but sometimes the waves don’t cooperate so we have to find other things to do, which is a lot when you’re in LU.

We tried the paddle board in one of our visits. We rented it one afternoon for two hours and we took turns in riding it. It was fun but I warn you, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Here’s a friend of mine doing yoga poses on the board. Pretty neat for photo ops.

When you’re not into paddling, have a friend do it for you. Haha! #likeaboss

Or challenge your friends to ride the paddle board all at once. Time yourselves for the added pressure! 😂

Another awesome thing you can do is hike to Tangadan Falls. It’s a 1.5hour hike (one way) although I think now they offer a shorter route to save time and for those not too hot for hiking. Although I recommend you do the full hike as the view is worth it! 

The photo below is my favorite travel photo… the view is so pretty and my cap has a perfect cameo of “❤ Philippines.” This is the point where you can jump off the cliff. There are different levels, you can jump from as high as 18ft I think, but as a beginner we took the 10ft drop instead. Haha!


Then off to the actual falls…now like most falls the water was freezing. This is me freezing to death and dreading that icy falls. 

Now we were told that we were in for some water massage therapy. Then I immediately  found out it was more water torture! Haha! The falls was too strong that time and it felt like I was being slapped at the back of my head repeatedly. I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Although, some of my friends really liked it, I guess to each its own. 😅

Overall, the experience was really memorable. The view was amazing. I recommend it for those looking for some adventure. Definitely a must try for all LU visitors. Now something to do beyond surfing 😊


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